ADR “Tango”

This Tango is loaded with ADR Control software and communicates with the DAW (via Ethernet) to access playback tracks, transport, talkback and monitoring.

Sends and receives commands with the ADR “Control” software for ADR cue management, transport modes, talkback (for Pro Tools), Ahead/In/Past, Monitoring (for Pro Tools) and any other functions required.

Is the complete interface for the ADR Engineer/Mixer. They do not need to look at any screens. It is all in front of them on the touch screen.


Here is a screenshot of the ADR “Tango” in action.

ADR “Tango” in action.

Seen here is the AIP panel top centre, to the right there is the Talkback assignments, active edit panel and keypad. Down the RHS  of the screen is the switchable level controls for the five main outputs. Below the AIP panel is the cue selection window and to the left is the input meters for the microphones.