ADR Control is a software package that can allow you to:

Generates Streamers/ Text to overlay the pictures and Beeps.
Syncs with the DAW.
Sends the “Ahead, In, Past” control signals to the DAW (or RTAS plug-­in for ProTools.
Manage Cues(cues selected for take).
Manages Transport(including Pre/post–‐roll and punch in/out).
Manages Record, playback, rehearse modes.
Track arming on DAW.
Communication with ADR “Tango” as its controller.
Keeps trackof NG, Print takes and Alt takes(or any special notes)and generates .pdf at end of session with all information for dialogue editor.
Keeps track of wild takes with simple button press.
Relays talkback and other information from ADR “Tango” to RTAS “AIP” Plug-in.
GPI/Os for studio lights, air-con etc.
ADR Control runs on the DAW computer with a link to the Smart AV Tango.