ADR Control lets you take back control of your ADR session.

Developed by audio manufacturer Smart AV in conjunction with Soundfirm, Australia’s oldest and most awarded sound post-production facility, ADR CONTROL takes the stress out of ADR sessions and puts the control back in your hands where it belongs.

ADR Control is a software package that can allow you to:

  • Generates Streamers/ Text to overlay the pictures and Beeps.
  • Syncs with the DAW.
  • Sends the “Ahead, In, Past” control signals to the DAW (or RTAS plug-­in for ProTools.
  • Manage Cues (cues selected for take).
  • Manages Transport(including Pre/post–‐roll and punch in/out).
  • Manages Record, playback, rehearse modes.
  • Track arming on DAW.
  • Communication with ADR “Tango” as its controller.
  • Keeps track of NG, Print takes and Alt takes(or any special notes)and generates .pdf at end of session with all information for dialogue editor.
  • Keeps track of wild takes with simple button press.
  • Relays talk-back and other information from ADR “Tango” to RTAS “AIP” Plug-in.
  • GPI/Os for studio lights, air-con etc.
  • ADR Control runs on the DAW computer with a link to the Smart AV Tango.

Tight budgets, scheduling conflicts, and overworked actors and directors can lead to a highly stressful environment, and the last thing you need with all this going on is for your setup to slow you down or fail.