Developed by audio manufacturer Smart AV in conjunction with Soundfirm, Australia’s oldest and most awarded sound post-production facility, ADR CONTROL takes the stress out of ADR sessions and puts the control back in your hands where it belongs. Features Include:

  • Syncs with the DAW.
  • Generates Streamers/ Text to overlay the pictures and Beeps.
  • Sends the “Ahead, In, Past” control signals to the DAW (or RTAS plug-­in for ProTools.
  • Manage Cues (cues selected for take).
  • Manages Transport(including Pre/post–‐roll and punch in/out).
  • Manages Record, playback, rehearse modes.
  • Track arming on DAW.
  • Communication with ADR “Tango” as its controller.
  • Keeps track of NG, Print takes and Alt takes(or any special notes)and generates .pdf at end of session with all information for dialogue editor.
  • Keeps track of wild takes with simple button press.
  • Relays talk-back and other information from ADR “Tango” to RTAS “AIP” Plug-in.
  • GPI/Os for studio lights, air-con etc.
  • It is important to note, ADR Control can easily run on your DAW computer.


ADR “Edit”

ADR Edit is a software package that allows for the following functionality to be utilized:

Create New Production

Create a new production on the ADR “Server” and assign users to the production.
Production parameters can include Name, TV/Film, Timecode rate and personnel (director, producer, company, sound crew, etc.)

Add Episode/Reels to a production

Create and modify reels and episodes in a production.
Put in scene markers and other breakdowns.

Add/Modify Characters in a production

Create and modify characters in a production.
Assign actors to characters and other information.

Import EDLs and ADR lists from other platforms

Can import EDLs and ADR lists from 3rd party software.
Have different ‘import presets’ for ease of the end user.

Per-line notes

Each loop/ADR cue can have its own set of notes
–eg. ‘Technical–B/G Noise’.
These are checkboxes and an extra ‘notes’ field.

Generate paperwork

Compile reports (line counts, etc).
Generate actor, engineer, director and master ADR sheets for ADR sessions.
Generate session notes after the session for dialogue editor to reference.

“In Session” Mode

An editor or other personnel sitting in the ADR session can add notes to the report as the ADR session is in progress.
They can also see the current take and other information “live”, even over the Internet (in the case of remote sessions).
This is added to the paperwork .pdf that can be generated at the end of the session.


Runs as a web based Java application.

Hardware Requirements
Any up-to‐date PC/Mac/Linux computer. It can communicate
with the ADR“ Server” over Ethernet/Internet.

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